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Themes in Cultural History

Dr. Mark Keck-Szajbel

Freitags, 10:15-11:45
1. Veranstaltungstermin 15.04.2016
Raum: CP 27 (Collegium Polonicum Słubice)
MA-Seminar 6/9 ECTS
ALT: MEK Europäische Wissenskulturen und Künste // MICS Transdisciplinary Gender Studies // MICS Culture, History and Societies in Central and Eastern Europe //
KGMOE Menschen – Artefakte – Visionen // MASS Religion und Moderne // MASS Migration, Ethnizitat, Ethnozentrismus // MASS Wirtschaft und Kultur // MASS Forschungsmodul // Master of Arts „Literaturwissenschaft: Ästhetik – Literatur – Philosophie“ Optionsmodul
NEU: MEK Optionsmodul Transdisziplinäre Kulturwissenschaften // MSKK Optionsmodul Transdisziplinäre Kulturwissenschaften // KGMOE Optionsmodul Transdisziplinäre Kulturwissenschaften // MASS Migration, Ethnizität, Ethnozentrismus // MASS Optionsmodul Transdisziplinäre Kulturwissenschaften // MASS Forschungsmodul // Master of Arts „Literaturwissenschaft: Ästhetik – Literatur – Philosophie Optionsmodul

This course is envisioned as primarily a research seminar on topics on cultural history. After several weeks of reading, we will begin to present *your* research on a topic based from primary sources. Hence, this is a perfect course for MA students (primarily in history, but open to other disciplines) who are either exploring topics for their MA thesis, or those of you who are already working on it. My only requirements are that you utilize tools of cultural history in your writing, and that you come with the understanding that this is for students actively researching and writing utilizing primary documents. Doctoral students are also welcome to join.

Hinweise zur Veranstaltung:
Since readings will be overwhelmingly in English, fluency in English is a requirement. Written work can be in alternative languages. Students must enroll at for the first readings!

An extended essay based on a specific topic in consultation with the instructor.