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Language in transition? Polish from the late state Socialism until now

Dr. Małgorzata Szajbel-Keck

Dienstag, Donnerstag 12:30-14:00 Uhr
Block: 7.06., 9.06., 14.06., 16.06., 21.06., 23.06., 28.06., 30.06., 5.07., 7.07., 12.07., 14.07.
1. Veranstaltungstermin: 7.06.
Raum: CP 153 (Collegium Polonicum Słubice) tuesdays in HG 201b, thursdays in Stephanssaaltuesdays in HG 201b, thursdays in Stephanssaal
BA-Seminar, 6/8/9 ECTS
Einordnung: Kulturwissenschaften-Vertiefung//Linguistik-Vertiefung

The late twentieth and early twenty first centuries are times of vivid changes in Poland. We see not only political but also economic and cultural transformation. What about the language? Did all these changes influence the way Poles speak and write? Are there any differences between the Polish used in the Polish People’s Republic (PRL) and in the Polish Third Republic? There was no language revolution or re-standardization, but did it really remain unchanged? We will try to answer these questions together. In more general terms we will talk about the concept of a language as a constantly evolving organism. We will discuss factors triggering those changes and effect that they have on the language.

Readings will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Hinweise zur Veranstaltung:
Limited number of participants. Pre-register until May 1, 2015 by sending an e-mail with “SS2016 – Polish in transition” to, including your name, major, languages you know, list of linguistics classes you took.

Regular and active participation, presentation, term paper or final exam

Proficiency in English, at least reading proficiency in Polish