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New B/Orders of Social Europe

The project investigates the fault lines and tectonic shifts in the EU structure caused by the financial crises, which directly affect the future of Social Europe and its welfare states. It cuts across three themes of the programme, i.e., People and the welfare state; Inequalities, diversity and welfare states; and Rethinking the economics of the welfare state. The aim is to examine the dynamics of B/Orders of Social Europe in respect to the functions of property and to distributive justice through a systematic study of the social conversions caused by the Euro Crisis in several EU Member States. In particular we investigate:

  • the consequences of the financial crisis to the welfare state at the national level in two large Euro countries (Germany, France, Italy) and in three non-Euro countries (Great Britain, Denmark, Poland) from a comparative perspective.

  • the policy responses to questions of governance and related issues affecting social Europe at the EU as well as at the national level.

  • potential remedies to the acknowledged imbalances (labour markets, inequalities, etc.) are explored with particular emphasis on Employee Financial Participation.

Professorships of the European University Viadrina involved in this Project:

  • Maître de Conferences en Economie, Economics Department UFR02 at University of Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne); guest lecturer at European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Dr. habil. Arnaud Lechevalier
  • Centre for Interdisciplinary Polish Studies (ZIP), Prof. Dr. habil. Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast
  • Chair of Economics, in particular Economic Theory (Macroeconomics), Prof. Dr. Georg Stadtmann
  • Chair of the Kelso Professorship of Comparative Law, East European Business Law and European Legal Policy; Prof. Dr. Jens Lowitzsch