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Non-university Activities

Kamila Schoell Mazurek x190 ©Fotostudio Ludwig, Berlin

Dr. Kamila Schöll-Mazurek

  • Initiator and co-founder of a new social initiative in Germany, the Polish Federal Network for Participation and Social Issues, in response to the lack of support for foreign EU citizens residing in Germany.

  • Member of the Board of the Polish Social Council, the oldest Polish migrant organisation in Germany, in the years 2011-2019. Spokeswoman of the Polish Social Council and Director of Intercultural Contact and Advice Centre “Welcome” in Berlin since 2019.

  • Currently in his third term, he represents the issues of the citizens of the European Union in the Federal Conference of Migrant Organisations as a Member of its Representatives’ Council. Co-author of the “11 Points Plan for EU citizens” by the Polish Social Council.

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