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Talks and Conferences

Dr. Małgorzata Szajbel-Keck


  • 2013
    Vortrag „Small clause analysis of secondary predication in Polish: Towards solving the question of case assignment” bei FDSL-10, Universität Leipzig
    Vortrag „Small clauses, relators, and secondary predication” bei SLS-8, Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Polen
    Poster „Can we eat our soup cold in Poland? A fresh look at secondary predication in Polish” bei FASL-22, McMaster University, Kanada

  • 2012
    Vortrag „Slavic P-compounds as non-canonical adjectives“ mit J. Nichols, C. Girvin, und E. Purdy bei SLS-7, University of Kansas, USA
    Vortrag „Syntactic evidence for VO inside the verbal nominals in Polish” bei SLS-7, University of Kansas, USA

  • 2010
    Vortrag „Polish verbal nouns: nouns with aspect“ bei Syntax and Semantics Circle, University of California, Berkeley, USA