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Anna Szyba, M.A.

Anna Szyba ©Wioleta Trzmiel

Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Polenstudien (ZIP)
Resarch assistant

Anna Szyba studied cultural studies at the European University Viadrina and completed a two-year course on the history and culture of Polish Jews at Warsaw University. In 2010-2015, she worked as a project manager and lecturer of Yiddish at the Center for Yiddish Culture (Warsaw) and was a co-founder and editor of the journal "Cwiszn". From 2015-2019, funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation, she was a fellow of the Ludwig Rosenberg Kolleg at the Moses Mendelssohn Center in Potsdam. At the Institute for Eastern European Studies at the FU Berlin, she is working on her PhD project, "The New Jewish School in Poland in the Interwar Period in the Light of the New Pedagogy".

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