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Current research projects

Prof. Dr. Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast

Current research projects

Completed research projects

Research projects within the Viadrina Center B/Orders in Motion:

  • "European Challenges. Technological Change and Re-Arrangements of Migration and Work".
  • "Borders of Employment in Change - Transdisciplinary Research on Subject, Organisation and Law"
  • "New Borders of Social Europe in the Course of the Euro Crisis - Property, the Welfare State and Distributive Justice"

Research Network Project:

"Cooperation and Integration in Europe - the multiple international dimensions of the 1970s and early 1980s".
Research project at the Centre for East Central European History and Culture at the University of Leipzig (GWZO):

  • "Socialist Economic Integration of East Central Europe in the CMEA and its Integration into the World Economy."
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Habilitation thesis

  • "Anvil or Hammer - Regional and European Integration of East Central Europe in the 20th Century" > Habilitation thesis

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