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Anna Steinkamp

Studenten nach ihrem Abschluß in Roben ©Heide Fest
PhD Topic:
„Internationalization of enterprises in the border area. A qualitative resource analysis in the Federal State of Brandenburg and in the Lubuskie voivodeship”

The dissertation project aims at identifying and analyzing resources and competencies of  international companies in the border region. It uses different resource based approaches, to explain the companies’ regional competitiveness on international markets. The comparative resource analysis is created for the German-Polish border region (State of Brandenburg and Lubuskie) taking into account the national and region-specific differences.

In the empirical part of this work, trangulation methods of social research will be applied. The majority of empirical research consists of qualitative methods in the form of oral interviews with additional support of a quantitative study. Internationally active entrepreneurs who have their headquarters in the Brandenburg and the Lubuskie voivodeship will be surveyed.

Biographical data: Since 2012 Ph.D. student at University Viadrina, Chair of Comparative Political Sociology and Center for Interdisciplinary Polish Studies (ZIP). Master of European Studies at European University Viadrina (2002-2004) and Master of Science at University of Lodz with a specialization in management and marketing (1996-2001). From 2005 to 2013 consultant and owner of a German-Polish consulting company. Since April 2013 Hanns-Seidel-Foundation scholarship student.

Field of research: sociology management
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anna Schwarz