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Jonas Grygier

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Theme of the doctor thesis
The implementation of (new) order - The social practice of local administration under the conditions of socialist ruling in the Polish People's Republic. The example of  Wrocław Voidvodeship (1953 - 1973)

"Administration is "the state in action" (Pates). For that reason the social realities of administration will be examined using the example of the Wrocław Voivodeship (later Dolny Sląsk) in the Polish People's Republic in the period from 1953 to 1973.  The leading question will be: How big a role did local and regional administrative structures play in the implementation of the socialist government? My thesis addresses the complex tensions between centralised governmental demands, regional self-interest and the execution of power in Soviet countries.
It is a contribution to a specific research debate within (the discipline of) history by dealing with the relationship between dictatorial-centralistic structures and dynamic or "idiosyncratic" developments in governmental and societal sub-systems in countries of the Soviet type."

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Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Werner Benecke