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Max Spohn

Studenten nach ihrem Abschluß in Roben ©Heide Fest
Theme of the doctor thesis:
The sociologist Stefan Czarnowski in transnational intellectual networks (draft title)

The beginning of classical modernity is characterized by an intensified self-reflection in the newly developing social and cultural sciences. This process is conditioned by the framework of national cultures yet it continuously transcends these borders by means of the European networks and references. Stefan Zygmunt Czarnowski (1879 – 1937) stood at the center of this dynamic process. The co-founder of humanistic sociology and central mediator of the Durkheimian intellectual tradition became a key figure in the intellectual milieu of Warsaw during the Second Republic and acted as a (self-declared) modernizer of social and historical thought in Poland. By implementing the dual approach of the history of knowledge and contextualized biography, this doctoral project examines the manifold cultural transfers, historical self-assessments and civilizational designs in Polish, French and German sociology and historiography at the turn of the century as well as during the interwar period.

Biographical data: Max Spohn studied history as well as English and Romance languages and literatures in Vienna and Berlin before completing a Master degree in European Studies in Frankfurt (Oder) and Wrocław. Since 2010 he has been a research assistant at the German-Polish Scientific Foundation (DPWS) in the research project “Comparative and Transnational Aspects of Human Sciences in Modern Europe”. 

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gangolf Hübinger