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Małgorzata Szajbel-Keck, Ph.D. - Professional Activities

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- research and teaching associate (Akademische Mitarbeiterin) at ZIP

- member of the project „Literaturübersetzung im deutsch-polnischen Kulturdialog“

- co-organization of the Summer School of Interdisciplinary Polish and German Studies at ZIP

- co-edition of the proceedings from the conference "(De-)constructing Central Europe" (18.-20.10.2018)

- specialist editor of the online academic platform Pol-Int

- freelance translation English tp/from Polish and German to Polish (mainly academic articles, conference presentations, family heritage texts)



Co-organization of an international conference "Zbigniew Herbert – ein Dichter zwischen den Kulturen… Eine Konferenz zur Rezeption seiner Werke" / "Zbigniew Herbert –poeta między kulturami. Konferencja poświęcona recepcji jego twórczości" (14.-16.11.2019) at EUV, in cooperation with the the Karl Dedecius Foundation and University of Worcław

Co-organization of an international conference "(De-)constructing Central Europe" (18.-20.10.2018) at ZIP in cooperaiton with the University of Szczecin

Cooperation in Project "Common language resources and technology infrastructure" at the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences (syntactic annotation)

Cooperation in Project "COmpositional distributional modeling of Polish language semantics" at the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences (sematic evaluation of sentences)

Co-organization of the 23rd Meeting of the Formal Approached to Slavic Linguistics at UC Berkeley.

cooperation with the Berkeley Language Center (development of the Polish section of the Library of Foreign Language Film Clips)

Cooperation in the development of the National Corpus of Polish (syntactic annotation),


- co-edition of: Jajeśniak-Quast, Dagmara & Małgorzata Szajbel-Keck (eds.). 2017. "Was sind Polenstudien?" (Interdisciplinary Polish studies 5). Berlin: epubli.

- chief edition of: Szajbel-Keck, Małgorzata, Roslyn Burns & Darya Kavitskaya. 2015. "Annual Workshop On Formal Approaches To Slavic Linguistics: The first Berkeley meeting" (Michigan Slavic Materials 61). Ann Arbor: Michigan Slavic Publications.


- lecturer at EUV (BA topic courses)

- graduate student instructor at UC Berkeley, USA (Polish courses)

- undergraduate student instructor at Eberhard Karls Universitaet, Tuebingen (tutorials in linguistics)

- freelance Latin tutor (both on secondary and higher education level) in Tuebingen