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Interdisciplinary Polish Studies is a bilingual (German/Polish), peer-reviewed international journal publishing articles on Poland, covering a broad range of approaches including cultural, legal, economic and political aspects, past and present.
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New publications

zbigniew-herbert-poeta-miedzy-kulturami-ein-dichter-zwischen-den-kulturen_9783862763139. ©Dominika Federowicz, PAP/Piotr Janowski

Anna Małgorzewicz, Ilona Czechowska, Małgorzata Szajbel-Keck (red./Hg.): Herbert poeta między kulturami - ein Dichter zwischen den Kulturen, Wrocław: Neisse Verlag, 2021. Open Access

Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast (2021): (A)symmetry in economic relations? German–Polish integration in the EU single market. (Ch. 7)
Anna M. Steinkamp (2021):
The Dynamics of Economic Development in the Polish–German Border Region:
The Example of the State
of Brandenburg and Lubuskie Voivodeship. (Ch. 14)
Elżbieta Opiłowska, Monika Sus (eds.): Poland and Germany
in the European Union: The Multidimensional Dynamics
of Bilateral Relations.
London: Routledge.

Frank Grelka: Rezension von: Witold W. Mędykowski: Macht Arbeit frei? German Economic Policy and Forced Labor of Jews in the General Government, 1939-1943, Boston: Academic Studies Press 2018, in: sehepunkte 21 (2021), Nr. 5 [15.05.2021]


Programme of the Colloquium in Summer Semester 2021
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