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Dr. habil. Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska

Magda Saryusz-Wolska ©privat

Deutsches Historisches Institut in Warschau / Uniwersytet Łódzki
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Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska is a cultural scientist and sociologist. She studied in Łódź, Gießen and Mainz. She obtained her PhD from the Chair of Media and Audiovisual Culture at the University of Łódź in 2008 with dissertation on the collective memory of former German towns. Thereafter, she worked as an academic researcher in the same department. She coordinated a project titled “Modi memorandi. The lexicon of the culture of remembrance“ at the Center of Historical Research in Berlin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She works for the German Historical Institute in Warsaw in the research team “Functionality of History in the late modern era” since 2015. She completed her habilitation from the Faculty of Polish Studies at Warsaw University in 2016. Magdalena Saryusz-Wolska is also the author of numerous publications on the collective memory, history of Polish and Jewish cinema, reception of historical movies and visual culture. Her publications include „Spotkania czasu z miejscem. Studia o pamięci i miastach” (2011), „Ikony normalizacji. Kultury wizualne Niemiec 1945-1949”, „Bilder der Normalisierung. Gesundheit, Ernährung und Haushalt in der visuellen Kultur Deutschlands 1945-1948“ (2017, with A. Labentz), „Badania widowni filmowej. Antologia” (editor, with K. Klejsa). She has published articles in „Osteuropa“, „German Life and Letters” and „Participations. Journal of Audience and Reception Studies”.

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