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Prof. Dr. Löw Andrea

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Institut für Zeitgeschichte München - Zentrum für Holocaust-Studien
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Andrea Löw is the deputy director of the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich. She is a historian and has received her PhD from Ruhr-University Bochum with the dissertation “Juden im Getto Litzmannstadt. Lebensbedingungen, Selbstwahrnehmung, Verhalten“ in 2005. The work has been published in 2006 and translated into Polish in 2013. During the years 2004-2007 she worked for the project “Edition der Lodzer Getto-Chronik” at the research unit for the study of Holocaust literature at Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen, where she also thought the subject. Between October 2007 and October 2010 she was a research associate at the branch office of the Institute for Contemporary History in Berlin. She was involved there in the editorial project titled “Die Verfolgung und Ermordung der europäischen Juden durch das nationalsozialistische Deutschland 1933-1945“. Since November 2010 Andrea Löw works at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich.

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