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Interdisciplinary Polish Studies 4

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Tim Buchen, Frank Grelka (Ed.):

Akteure der Neuordnung. Ostmitteleuropa und das Erbe der Imperien, 1917 – 1924 / W poszukiwaniu nowego ładu. Europa Środkowo-Wschodnia wobec upadku imperiów, 1917 – 1924, Berlin 2016

After the collapse of the great empires at the end of World War I, the reorganization of East Central Europe along the lines of nation-states was by no means a foregone conclusion. There was no way to predict which country would survive in a national or imperial form. In seven case studies on countries between the Baltic and the Adriatic Seas, this conference volume discusses the influence of local actors on legal, political and military reorganizations. New research approaches highlight the effects of Eastern European experiences on post-World War I international history far from diplomacy at Versailles.

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