XI. Tensions of Europe Conference, 19 to 21 September 2024

Conference theme: Transformations. Fundamental Change and Technology

We live in a world of constant change. There are periods, however, of accelerated change in the political, economic, social or technological sphere. Usually, these spheres are closely interrelated and entangled. If this change is of fundamental character, scientists usually speak of ´transformations´. Common examples are the political and economic system changes, i.e. transformations, in Latin America, Southern Europe or Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in the past decades.

The aim of the conference is to shed light on technological, but also political, societal and environmental sides of these transformations in Europe and other regions in past and present. Technology can be a major factor to enhance, slow down or ease such transformations. Processes of circulation and appropriation of knowledge, ideas and artefacts provide a broad field of research to better understand aspects of political, societal or environmental transformations in connection with technology. Special attention can be paid to the following themes: (1) technologies as a driver of political, societal or environmental changes or as an obstacle, (2) technological “revolutions”, transitions and “transformations” and their impact on politics, societies and environment, (3) discourses on (technological) changes, especially with regard to sustainability.

Call for Paper 

Important dates

Publication of CfP: 1 September 2023

Deadline for proposal submissions: 30 November 2023

Notification of decisions: February 2024

Deadline for registration: 31 May 2024


Summer school: 16 to 19 September 2024 

Conference: 19 to 21 September 2024


Download detailed programme as PDF (21.03.2024)

Thursday, 19 September 2024
Locations: Große Scharrnstraße GS, Collegium Polonicum CP

09:00-12:30 Summer School (last day), Location: Große Scharrnstraße (GS 105)

09:00-12:30 Registration, Location: Große Scharrnstraße (GS 307)

12:30-13:30 Lunch, Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff canteen (GD Mensa)

13:30-16:00 City tour, field/boat trips

15:00-17:00 Registration, Location: Collegium Polonicum (CP Foyer)

17:00-17:15 Welcome and introduction, Location: Auditorium Maximum Collegium Polonicum (CP Aula)

17:15-18:4Round Table: Co-Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe in Past and Present, Location: Auditorium Maximum Collegium Polonicum (CP Aula)

19:00-21:00 Welcome reception, Location: Collegium Polonicum (CP Foyer)

Friday, 20 September 2024
Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff (GD)


1.1: “Towards sustainability of global resources, fair trade and global justice? (I)” (Strecker, Veraart/Kip/Van den Borre/Bouwens, Martin, Heymann), Location: GD Hs3

1.2: “Datafying the environment. Datafying the oceans (I)” (Ljungberg, Camprubí/Lima, Cirac-Claveras, Höhler, Isern, Meyer), Location: GD 102

1.3: “Transitions and Transformations in Energy History. Turning Points in Energy History (I)” (Melsted, Fischer-Kowalski, Nygaard, Kupper, Buns), Location: GD 203

1.4: “A history of Artificial Intelligence” (Tympas, tba, tba, tba, tba), Location: GD 204

1.5: “Unpacking Sustainability and Resilience” (Emanuel, Hommels, Masabo, Moss, Petrova, Van der Straeten), Location: GD 201

1.6: Digitalization: (Kopeć, Papanastasiou/Raptis/Vlantoni, Schafer, Schmitt/Settele), Location: GD 202


Coffee break, Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff (GD Aula)


2.1: “Towards sustainability of global resources, fair trade and global justice? (II)” (Chimee, Lajus, Kochetkova, Janáč), Location: GD Hs3

2.2: “Datafying the environment. Data and resources (II)” (Cirac-Claveras, Álvarez, Gorostiza, Ljungberg, Hanifi, Milford), Location: GD 102

2.3: “Transitions and Transformations in Energy History. The Making of Natural and Biological Gas (II)” (Åberg, Kuijt, Groß, Marrec, de Chirico), Location: GD 203

2.4: “Decline, Change and Ascent” (Krebs, Häberle, Konsbruck, Neuscheler, Arendt), Location: GD 204

2.5: Nuclear and Hydropower (Forgiarini, Klüppelberg, Sahrakorpi), Location: GD 201

2.6: Food and Health (Stoilova, Karantzavelou, Lallier, Chatzimichali/Vlantoni/Korsgaard), Location: GD 202


Lunch break, Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff canteen (GD Mensa)


3.1: “Towards sustainability of global resources, fair trade and global justice? (III)” (Arteaga/Acosta, Kechribaris/Kazantzas/Tympas, Alexakis/Fotopoulos/Arapostathis), Location: GD Hs3

3.2: “Datafying the environment. Data and governance (III)” (Höhler, Gray, Groll, Leclerc, Panoutsopoulos, Thiel), Location: GD 102

3.3: “Transitions and Transformations in Energy History. Transformations of Petrocultures (III)” (Meyer, Åberg, Melsted, Karampatsos), Location: GD 203

3.4: “Enlightening transformations through histories of technology (I)” (Weber, Priebe, Van de Voort, Driesse, de Hoop), Location: GD 204

3.5: Environment (Ďurčo, Loureiro, Perga, Perpinya), Location: GD 201

3.6: Industrialization (Dekker, Kefalas, Pozzi, Sanvitale), Location: GD 202


Coffee break, Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff (GD Aula)


4.1: “Climates of Waste” (Agarwal, Dhawan, Fazzi, Lundsteen, Müller, Hameeteman), Location: GD Hs3

4.2: “Failures of economic integration” (Johnstone, Mørkved, Aven, Johansson), Location: GD 102

4.3: “Transitions and Transformations in Energy History. Energy Infrastructures (IV)” (Hasenöhrl, Scoppola, Kazantzas/Vartziotis/Tympas, Meyer), Location: GD 203

4.4: “Enlightening transformations through histories of technology (II)” (Moss, Kalmbach/Frysztacka, Van der Vleuten), Location: GD 204

4.5: ICT (Ambrosiani, Cavcic, Noguera, Wróbel), Location: GD 201

4.6: Management of water, roads, projects and injuries (Arapostathis/Fotopoulos/Lagouvardos/Karantzavelou, Burchardt, Leimbach, Okhotnikova), Location: GD 202

Saturday, 21 September 2024
Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff (GD), Logensaal (LH)


5.1: “Pylos” (Jajeśniak-Quast, Passoth, Lafazani, Tympas), Location: GD Hs3

5.2: “Concern for sustainable development” (Idziak, Kamosiński, Bieniek-Majka, Polcyn, Stępień), Location: GD 102

5.3: “Regulating Transport” (Franke, Damm, Werchohlad), Location: GD 203

5.4: “Maintenance and Repair Studies” (Drengk, Meiske, Krebs, Pulas), Location: GD 204

5.5: “Peat-Use in Europe” (Sparenberg, Lempinen, Toomey), Location: GD 201

5.6: Waterways and railways (Aven/Nygaard, Franken/Zivkovic, Gärdebo/Matala, Musekamp), Location: GD 202


Coffee break, Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff (GD Aula)


6.1: “Maintenance and Repair” (Enne, Evens Meiske, Russell, Weber, Young), Location: GD Hs3

6.2: “Urban Infrastructure” (Zimmer, Arndt, Hansen, Salm), Location: GD 102

6.3: “New Perspectives on Nuclear Culture” (Nielsen, Kramer, Ingvarsdóttir, Götter, Kalmbach), Location: GD 203

6.4: “Military Technologies” (Johnston, Stránský, Nigrin), Location: GD 204

6.5: “Sustainability´s ´Other´” (Akallah, Bagde, Greenwood, Jehlička, Van der Straeten, Van der Vleuten), Location: GD 201

6.6: Language and media (Bassett, Höfer, Stoneman, Swietlik), Location: GD 202


Lunch break, Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff canteen (GD Mensa)


7.1: “Lightning talks” (Fickers, Jajeśniak-Quast, Krebs, Laborie, Sanvitale, Griset, Schafer, Thierry, Tympas, Van der Vleuten, Wormbs), Location: GD Hs3

7.2: “A multivectorial Driver of Change” (Elli, Lehtonen, Orsini, Podsadowski, Krige, Zuliani, Burigana), Location: GD 102

7.3: “Coal in Interwar Europe” (Högselius/Musso/ Piahanau, İnal, Piahanau, Henriques, Łazor), Location: GD 203

7.4: Urban Transport (Leipert, Olawale/Saibu, Rabyniuk, Siegrist), Location: GD 204


Coffee break, Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff (GD Aula)


Keynote: Helmut Trischler: “Writing Transformative Envirotech History in the Anthropocene: Provocations and Opportunities”, Location: Logensaal (LH)


Closing remarks, Location: Logensaal (LH)


Conference dinner, Location: Gräfin-Dönhoff canteen (GD Mensa)

The call for summer school participants closed in February 2024. The full programme will be available in May.

Prof. Dr. Helmuth Trischler (Deutsches Museum Munich)


Please follow this Link for registration: https://forms.europa-uni.de/form/provide/1567/

Important information

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  • Palais am Kleistpark; Fürstenwalder Str. 47, 15234 Frankfurt (Oder) - 83-93 EUR
  • Hotel zur alten Oder, Fischerstr. 32, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder) - 84-108 EUR
  • City Residence Hotel; Bahnhofstraße 11, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder) - 90 EUR

  • Hotel Kaliski; ul. Jedności Robotniczej 13, 69-100 Słubice - 299-329 PLN
  • Villa Casino, ul.Mickiewicza 11, 69-100 Słubice - 315-390 PLN
  • Dormitories Collegium Polonicum; ul. Piłsudskiego 14, 69-100 Słubice - 90 PLN (no breakfast)


Conference organisers

Anna Åberg
Alexander Gall
Falk Flade
Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast
Karena Kalmbach
Sławomir Kamosiński
Claudia Kraft
Léonard Laborie
Darina Malová
Tirza Meyer
Jan-Hendrik Passoth
Ginevra Sanvitale
Valérie Schafer
Katerina Vlantoni


For further information, please contact the ToE24 secretariat